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Circle D Specialties
Our Guarantee
We build the best billet parts in the industry and guarantee you can not break them. So our Pro Series billet line has a 5 year warranty on any billet parts: front cover, lock up piston and turbine hub. There is a 3 year warranty on the rest of the converter, this covers you against any failure with the turbine and impeller blade damage or stator failure. We want you to be very confident in your converter purchase, and the 3/5 warranty policy lets you know we stand behind our product. We also offer a one time cut and clean or stall change that is good for the first year. So if you have a transmission failure or need a little more flash RPM, it is on us. If you are past the 1 year, stall changes should be no more than $250, depending on what we need to do. The included 1 year free cut and clean is transferable, adding even more value to your CDS converter. The stall change is limited to the same diameter, so if you have a 245mm and the new build requires a 258mm there will be an additional charge. Our High Performance Series has a 1 year warranty on any manufacturer defects. We offer a cut and clean service on these as well, and typically runs about $200. Please contact us if you have any questions about your torque converter, you can shoot us an email or give us a call at the shop.