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545RFE Line Booster

545RFE Line Booster

Sonnax 545RFE Line Booster
The 45/545RFE transmission uses a full range line pressure sensor mounted on the outside of the transmission for "closed loop" line pressure control. Due to this system, traditional methods of raising line pressure by changing the PR spring or valves have no effect. The Sonnax Line Pressure Booster alters the pressure signal sent to the computer causing the computer to raise line pressure. The Sonnax line booster kit has a 15-30 psi increase. Higher line pressure increases clutch holding power and torque capacity but with these transmissions, the increase has a limited effect on shift feel. Changes in shift feel will be noticed mostly under aggressive driving or loaded conditions. This part is ideal for heavy duty and modified vehicles and even stock transmissions when a little extra pressure is desired. No other modifications are required. The Line Pressure Booster installs between the pressure sensor and vehicle harness using OEM style sealed connectors. Simply unplug the vehicle harness and reconnect with one of these parts.

Price: $50.00 

Base SKU: 545RFE-Line Booster


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