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LS Flex-Plate

LS Flex-Plate

LS Style Flexplate SFI Rated Dual Bolt Pattern

This SFI flexplate is 0.156" thick, 25% thicker than OE.  It is SFI 29.1 certified to withstand 12,500 RPM.  It also has a special coating to prevent any rust.  It is a dual bolt pattern for the OE LS and the smaller TH350, great for 3 speed swaps.  A very affordable and smart upgrade to prevent a problem while you are upgrading to your Circle D performance torque converter.  

14.9" OD
168 Tooth
LS 11.080" Bolt Circle
LT/350 10.750" Bolt Circle
SFI 29.1 Certified
0.156" Thick

Price: $150.00 

Base SKU: Flex-LS-ST

Your Kit Is Ready To Purchase!

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